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Excellerations® Optical Prisms - Set of 3

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Product Overview

Bringing a rainbow indoors will brighten anyone's day! Precision crafted acrylic prisms will help children discover the secrets of prismatic effects as they create multicolored rainbows and intricate kaleidoscope patterns.
  • 2" right angle prism
  • 2-1/2" 60 degree acrylic prism
  • Big 6" prism
PreK-K Core Standards
  • SCI (P) Collect, describe and record information using a variety of tools.

K-3 Core Standards
  • K-PS3-1. Make observations to determine the effect of sunlight on Earth's surface.
  • 1-PS4-2. Make observations to construct an evidence-based account that objects can be seen only when illuminated.
  • 1-PS4-3. Plan and conduct an investigation to determine the effect of placing objects made with different materials in the path of a beam of light.
  • K-2-ETS1-1. Ask questions, make observations, and gather information about a situation people want to change to define a simple problem that can be solved through the development of a new or improved object or tool.
  • K-2-ETS1-2. Develop a simple sketch, drawing, or physical model to illustrate how the shape of an object helps it function as needed to solve a given problem.
  • K-2-ETS1-3. Analyze data from tests of two objects designed to solve the same problem to compare the strengths and weaknesses of how each performs.