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Steve Spangler Science® Color Fizzers - True Color Tablets

Item # 800026
Steve Spangler Science®
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Ages 6+ / Grades 1+
  • Fizzing tub tint tablets for true color mixing
  • 1 tablet can color up to 1 liter of water
  • Fizzers come in 100 packs with an assortment of the primary colors: blue, red, and yellow
  • Won’t stain hands or surfaces

<bold>Non-toxic and safe – Comes in three primary colors!</bold>

For a long time, food coloring was the only way to color liquids, but food coloring stains very easily. Steve Spangler set out to find an alternative to food coloring and found Color Fizzers. These True Color Tablets, sometimes called Tub Tints, are the size of a small candy, but can color up to 1 liter of water. Fizzers, when dropped into water and other liquids, dissolve and add vivid colors to the liquids without staining your hands.

<bold>How does it work?</bold>

Color Fizzers are a combination of pigment, citric acid (as in citrus), sodium bicarbonate (plain baking soda), and a binder. All of these are water soluble with the added bonus that citric acid and sodium bicarbonate react in water to release carbon dioxide (CO2) gas. That’s what you see in the fizzing bubbles. They serve to mix the pigment more effectively.

<bold>These tablets are perfect for color mixing. They won’t stain hands or surfaces and come in the three primary colors, which can be mixed to create a rainbow of new colors.</bold>

<bold>What Colors are Included?</bold>

Fizzers come in the three primary colors: blue, red, and yellow. You can mix the tablets together to create even more colors.

<bold>Combine Tablets to Create Up to Seven Colors</bold>

Mix the red and blue tablets together to make a purple liquid. Combine the yellow and blue ones to create a green liquid. The possibilities are genuinely endless. Mix, match, and mix some more!

<bold>Learn About the Color Wheel Without Staining Your Hands</bold>

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and back to red. Mix the tablets together to create other colored concoctions and learn about the color wheel without staining your hands, desktops, or floors the way food coloring can.


Brand Name
Steve Spangler Science®
Age / Grade
Ages 6+ / Grades 1+
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Steve Spangler Science

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