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Steve Spangler Science® STEM Success Kit: String Slime Goo

Item # 804090
Steve Spangler Science®

Arriving Jul 25, 2024

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Arriving Jul 25, 2024

Order in the next 14 hrs and 11 mins
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Ages 6+ / Grades 1+
This kit is all about the chemistry of ooey, gooey polymers that look like long, stringy, stretchy worms. You'll learn how to hook together long chains of molecules to make cool worm-like polymers! Use both your art brain and your science brain to make amazing, rainbow-colored worms! Grow stars, create worm eggs and more with this fun scientific kit!

This kit includes all the supplies you will need to amaze your friends
The kit comes with the essential materials you'll need to conduct 4 experiments and challenges for 1 – 4 children per kit

  • NEW AND IMPROVED!: Exciting activities will teach how the chemistry of ooey, gooey polymers look like long, stringy, stretchy worms
  • MORE ABOUT STRING SLIME: No glue, no Borax, no messy mixing - just amazing amounts of fun for all ages. Just mix up the Activator solution and squirt your favorite String Slime™ color into the liquid. The instant the two liquids touch, you get solid String Slime to play around with. Rest assured, the bold, vibrant color is both safe and clean.
  • MORE ABOUT SHAPE GEL: Combine the two liquids to create unique polymers. All you have to do is mix colors and design your shape. Then submerge into the Activator, and Voila! You created your first polymer shape! Mix and match up to 16 different colors! This is a non-borax and non-glue slime formula that is safe and easy to use! Amazing fluorescent colors won't stain your hands.
  • FOR TEACHERS, PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS, AND ALL-AROUND SCIENCE ADULTS: We haven't forgotten about the new STEM and STEAM initiatives you've been hearing about in our schools, bringing Science, Technology, Engineering, (Art), and Math together to make young scientists real thinkers!
  • MAKING SHAPE GEL IS A CHEMICAL REACTION: It makes a new solid substance (the “star”) by combining the two liquids. The scientific name for the gooey Shape Gel liquid is sodium alginate, and it's full of very l-o-n-g molecules called polymers.
  • 5 EXPERIMENTS INCLUDED: Growing a Polymer Worm, Colorful Worm Eggs, Rainbow Worms, Shape Shifting Gel - Grow a Star and Gooey Marble Maker

What's Included?
  • Blue String Slime - 8 oz bottle
  • Clear String Slime - 8 oz bottle
  • Star Shape Mold
  • Clear Mixing Tank
  • Blue Scoop
  • Calcium Chloride Slime Activator (40g)
  • Six Clear PET Cup (2.5 oz)
  • Two Clear PET Cup (9 oz)
  • Popsicle Stick
  • Syringe (10mL)
  • Color Fizzers (12 pack - Magenta, Blue, Yellow)
  • Instruction Cards
  • Adult supervision required. Do not ingest.


Brand Name
Steve Spangler Science®
Age / Grade
Ages 6+ / Grades 1+
Assembly Required
Steve Spangler Science

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