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Ready-To-Decorate Moment In Time Posters - 48 posters

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Give Students A Unique Way To Capture A Moment In Time On These Movie-Reel Posters
Capture a moment in time as if it were on a movie reel! As students write and illustrate the five frames on these posters, they can focus in on and retell a single moment in the story.*Practice Retelling: Sequencing and retelling is a key reading comprehension standard. These posters give kids a fun way to practice that skill by filling in the five film frames with captions and illustrations.*Fun Movie-Reel Theme: These interactive posters put a unique spin on retelling a story. They allow students to home in on a single part of a story they have read or of an event they have experienced and present it in movie-reel format. The finished product makes a nice student- generated wall display!*Printed On Durable Paper Stock: These posters are printed on extra-sturdy paper designed for vigorous use by your most enthusiastic students.*48 Ready-To-Decorate Posters2 Per Student! You get 24 sheets in this set, which perforate in half to provide 48 posters. In a class of 24 or fewer, each student can participate in the activity twice!Help kids to focus on and retell a specific part of a story in a fun, movie-reel poster format.
48 posters * Size: 22" by 8" each

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