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Excellerations Timer - Discount School Supply

Excellerations Timer

Excellerations® Slim Liquid Timers - Set of 3
▾ More Details ▾ A colorful way to count down 60 seconds! How does temperature affect the flow? How do the timers vary against a stop watch? Experiment to find out! These versatile timers can be used for science experiments, calming tools and for transition times Available in 3 different shapes: slim, S-shape and oval Comes in assorted colors Item is ideal for special needs and sensory Ages 3+
Excellerations® Sand Timers - Set of 5
▾ More Details ▾ Perfect for games, event timing, experiments and more! GREAT TIME MANAGEMENT TOOL: Help kids do things more efficiently and develop a strong sense of time. Ideal for Cooking, Classroom Use, Game Time, Kid’s toothbrushing timer, Exercising Timer (yoga or psychological training). Also, can be used as home office decoration. Great gift for children and friends. COLORFUL: Each sand hourglass timer is filled with a different bright color. The featured colors are red, green, yellow, blue ...