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Really Good Stuff Number Puzzle - Discount School Supply

Really Good Stuff Number Puzzle

Really Good Stuff® Number Match Puzzles - 1-10
▾ More Details ▾ Provide plenty of counting practice with these self-checking puzzles. The pieces feature numerals, number words, ten-frames, and number sets in a subitized pattern. With one puzzle for each number from 1\u201310, little ones will hone their matching and numeracy skills.
Really Good Stuff® Monkey Matching Number Puzzles
▾ More Details ▾ Teach valuable number identification skills with these adorable, colorful monkey matching puzzles. Students will enjoy matching numbers on the monkey arms and legs with the correct torsos. The puzzles offer mixed number representations for subitizing practice. A great way to teach number sense! Appealing Game Teaches Kids Number Identification: Kids will enjoy matching up the correct numbers on these colorful monkey arms, legs, and torsos! Takes the grind out of math practice! Shows Numbers ...
Daisy Puzzles Set - Number Sense 0 to 10
▾ More Details ▾ Students arrange colorful petals in a numbered center piece to show the number in different formats: number word, dice pattern, tenframe, tally marks, etc. Just flip the completed daisy over to see if it's correct! KID FRIENDLY: Daisy puzzle is smartly designed with bright colors and self checking if they get stuck. Perfect addition to your number learning toy and game collection. PUZZLE SIZE: Puzzle is small and portable so kids can practice and take ...
Daisy Puzzles - Number Sense 0 To 20 Set
▾ More Details ▾ Students arrange colorful petals around a numbered center piece to show the number in different formats: number word, dice pattern, ten-frame, tally marks, etc. They just turn the completed daisy over to see if it's correct! Great for partners, centers, or individual practice. Specifications: 22 sturdy chipboard daisy puzzles (0 20 plus a blank puzzle) Daisy center piece: 2¾" Daisy petal pieces: 3" by 1¼" each 2 Really Good Instructional Guides 2 storage boxes
Kites And Tails Puzzles Set - Decomposing Numbers To 10
▾ More Details ▾ Students choose a kite with a numeral on it and decompose the number by attaching addition problems to form a kite tail. They turn the completed puzzle over to see if it's correct! Great for partners, centers, or individual practice. Specifications: 10 chipboard kites (1 10), laminated Size: 2½" by 3" each 65 chipboard ties, laminated Size: 2" by 1¼" each 1 storage box Really Good Stuff® Activity Guide
Alphabet Photo Puzzles
▾ More Details ▾ Learn letters, sounds, and a variety of fonts with this multi-use puzzle set that has real photographs! With these puzzles you can explore a variety of learning outcomes. The puzzles are double-sided and have real photos! Each puzzle is 6’’ x 6’’ when put together and can be stored in their box, which is bright and colorful just like the puzzles! The puzzles are made of chipboard and made to last through many uses. Do ...
Sequence And Retelling Puzzles Literacy Center™
▾ More Details ▾ Students arrange three or four cards on the mat in order of events and narrate the sequence. They then use a combination of drawing, writing, and dictation to record the events. Perfect for nonreaders! Self-checking, color-coded, and numbered for easy management. Includes sequences for literature and informational text concepts. Use as a springboard to writing!
Prefix, Suffix, And Base Word Puzzles - 24 puzzles
▾ More Details ▾ Solve Fun Beginning Level Multisyllabic Word Puzzles! This prefix/suffix game takes a hands-on approach to teaching students about important elements of language and boosts reading comprehension skills.*Learn Language Basics: Prefixes and suffixes such as dis-, micro-, re-, -er, -ful and -ness are included in this game.*Piece by Piece: The puzzles include three or four parts that must be pieced together to determine the correct connections.*Visual Aids: The images with each word help to ...
Sweet Treats! Synonyms And Antonyms Puzzle Set
▾ More Details ▾ Give Students a Deliciously Fun Way to Practice Synonyms and Antonyms. This word puzzle game introduces important concepts about opposites and improves vocabulary.*Create a Sweet Treat: The key to this synonyms and antonyms activity is to build a treat with an ice cream cone and a corresponding scoop on top.*Two Ways to Play: There are different sets of puzzle pieces depending on whether students are working on synonyms or antonyms.*Helpful Images: Pictures on each card ...
Idiom Puzzles - 15 puzzles
▾ More Details ▾ Familiarize Students With Idioms In A Fun, Interactive Way Students complete these 15 three-piece, self-checking puzzles to reveal familiar idioms such as "under the weather" and "raining cats and dogs." Each idiom is cleverly illustrated and defined. 15 3-piece puzzles * 45 pieces total * Size: 6" by 6" each * assembled * 1 zip-top bag