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Steve Spangler Science Heat Sensitive Paper - Magenta

Steve Spangler Science
From $39.99

Product Overview

Behold the hottest paper this side of the sun. No, seriously, hold a piece of this magical paper in your hand and watch as the area you touch changes from blue or magenta to white! It isn't sorcery - that image is frozen there through thermochromic science. Heat Sensitive Paper is the mind-boggling result of a process that coats one side of a piece of regular old paper with special thermochromic ink. The thermochromic ink loses its color when it reaches a certain temperature.

It's amazing how easy it is to use Heat Sensitive Paper to teach young researchers. While science is clearly the most fun subject in school, playing with (uh, that is doing research with) this paper will support other subject and skill areas. Heat Sensitive Paper lends itself to a variety of activities...some are experimental and some are just fun.
  • 100pk of 8-1/2" x 11" magenta paper