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On-The-Go Caddies With Intermediate Self-Adhesive Vinyl On-The-Go Helpers - 6 caddies, 6 Helpers

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Make Your Classroom Flexible By Giving Students Their Own Supply Caddies With Nameplates And Handy ReferencesGive students their own sturdy plastic caddies, and they can work anywhere in or out of the classroom! One side has a place for books, folders, and papers, while the other side has three sections for supplies like pencils and glue sticks. The perfect solution for rooms without traditional desks, these caddies have a strong handle for easy carrying. The colorful Helpers stick onto the side of each caddy and feature a nameplate, along with handy references to help kids work independently. Caddies come in black or blue.*6 Super-Sturdy, Easy-To-Clean Plastic Caddies: Made of tough, wipe-clean plastic, these caddies are built to last through day-in-and- day-out use by energetic students.*Choose Your Color! The caddies now come in a choice of black or blue.*Easy To Carry: Each caddy has a strong, built-in handle and plenty of room to hold folders, notebooks, pencils, pens, rulers, glue sticks, and everything else on-the-go kids need.*Self-Adhesive Helpers Label Belongings: The colorful Helper sticks tight to the side of the caddy, serving as a nameplate. The Helpers make identifying student belongings a cinch!*Helpful References Promote Independence: The intermediate Helpers pack a lot of useful information on one surface: a number line with negative integers, the cursive alphabet, fractions, a multiplication chart, and an illustration of decimal placement. They foster independence by giving kids handy references at their fingertips for common questions. Now they dont have to ask you for the answer!*Perfect For Flexible Classrooms: For rooms without traditional desks or with flexible seating options, or for students who travel throughout the classroom or from room to room during the day, these caddies with self- adhesive Helpers are so helpful. Kids can take them on the go!Give students sturdy supply caddies with nameplates that offer handy references so they can work anywhere in the classroom!
6 plastic caddies * Size: 123/8"W by 77/8"D by 13"H each * 6 self-adhesive Helpers * Size: 4" by 7" each