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Classroom Expectations And Behaviors Journals - 24 journals

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Invite Kids To Help Set Classroom Expectations Using These Interactive Student Journals
These interactive and full-color journals teach what students can and cannot control, how to gauge the size of their problems, what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior, and logical consequences. They also have a place for students to collaborate with the teacher to set classroom expectations.*Kids Get Invested When They Help Make The Rules: Get buy-in from your students when you let them have a say in setting classroom expectations. The journals have a place for kids to collaborate with the teacher to come up with rules for the class.*Covers Every Expectation: The journals outline a comprehensive array of expectations and behaviors so you will have all you need to prepare for every eventuality. Topics include What Can You Control? How Big Is Your Problem? Acceptable/Unacceptable Behaviors, and Logical Consequences.*24 Interactive, Full-Color Journals: The full-color journals are interactive, and there is a place for students to co-create the classroom expectations with the teacher. Kids can keep the journals in their desks to refer to for the rest of the year.*Great For Beginning Of Year: Start your classroom year off on the right foot by clearly communicating your expectations with these interactive journals.Give kids interactive journals that let them record behavior expectations for your classroom.
24 journals * Size: 53/8" by 83/8" * 16 pages each * including covers


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