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Really Good Stuff® Plastic Sand Tray - 1 tray

Item # 165759
Really Good Stuff®
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Provide Tactile Skills Practice With This Durable Sand Tray

Students can practice so many curricular skills with this sturdy plastic tray from science exploration to tracing letters and numbers in sand. Great for your kinesthetic learners!

  • Made Of Rugged Plastic: Designed to stand up to daily classroom use, this durable plastic tray will last for years.
  • Holds A Practice Card And Pencil: This tough tray holds more than sand. It has a slot to hold a practice card and a hole to hold a pencil in case students would rather trace with the eraser end than with their fingers.
  • Use The Tray With Our Practice Card Sets: Our card sets for letter and number formation, shape formation, and word formation (sold separately) are designed for use with the tray.
  • Great For Tactile Learners: For all those kids who learn best by touching, feeling, and physical exploration, this is the perfect hands-on practice tool.
  • So Many Uses: Students can sort manipulatives, trace letters/numbers/ shapes in the sand, form words with plastic letters, play with slime or dough...all in this sturdy, kid-friendly tray. Take a hands-on approach to letter, number, word, and shape formation with this rugged plastic sand tray.
  • 1 plastic tray * Overall size: 15½"W by 10½"D by 1½"H * Inside area: 14" by 7½"


Brand Name
Really Good Stuff®
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Really Good Stuff

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