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Digraphs Stacking Tiles Game - 1 Game

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Stack And Build Words To Study Digraphs! With picture cues to assist them, students stack lowercase letter tiles to build words, read them, and then write them on the write-on/wipe-off mats. A fun way to familiarize students with short-vowel word families with digraphs!

  • 4 Double-Sided Letter Stacking Mats: The mats have three boxes to stack the letter tiles. One side has color- coded boxes to cue players where to place the vowel. The other side is
    • 4 Write-On/Wipe-Off Word Suggestion/Answer Key Cards: The full-color, foldable cards offer suggestions of words with digraphs to build and a place to write the words with dry erase marker. These cards can serve as a support tool to give kids ideas of words to spell, or as an answer key to check the spelling of words they have built.
    • 100 Sturdy, Stackable, Lowercase Letter Tiles, Including Beginning Digraphs: This set includes 100 lowercase letter tiles, with plenty of the letters needed to build the most common short-vowel words. The vowel tiles have red letters; the consonant tiles, blue letters. Working with this set helps reinforce students ability to distinguish the two. Made of durable plastic, these tiles are designed to stand up to day-in/day-out use by your most enthusiastic students. They nest together so kids can easily stack them.
    • For Up To 4 Players: This game can be played individually, in pairs, or with up to four kids. Its ideal for literacy centers. Instructions include a fun review game that involves swapping out letters at the beginning, middle, or end of the word.
    • Suggestions For Differentiation: The instructions include ways to differentiate play for children of different skill levels.
    • Invite kids to stack these color-coded letter tiles to build, read, and then write words with digraphs. Watch their spelling skills stack up!

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