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Really Good Stuff® Spanish Positive Affirmation Chips - Positive Reinforcement for Children and Students - Set of 100

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Really Good Stuff®
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Ages 5+ / Grades K+
Let your children know that you care and encourage their best behavior when you leave a positive affirmation chip for them. The chips offer a variety of uplifting messages on one side and can carry a personal note from you on the other. Accentuate the positive with these chips that you can target to children who need a pat on the back. Written in Spanish, these are perfect for Spanish-speaking students and families.

These chips are great to hand out to children to encourage them. The backs have a place for you to write them a custom message. The beautiful art will certainly make them a keepsake for years to come and for children to look back on.

  • CUSTOMIZABLE SUPPORT TOOLS: These chips let you personalize an encouraging message for students needing a little TLC. Kids love getting a supportive note from the teacher or a parent.
  • GIVE KIDS A BOOST: These chips are an easy way for you to give your kids a boost, whether they’re having a bad day, need some extra support, or are about to take a test.
  • 100 CHIPS, 50 UNIQUE MESSAGES: There are two each of 50 affirmations, so you have a wide variety of messages to send, such as: “Your Potential Is Limitless!"" “Don’t Be Afraid Of A Challenge!"" “Struggling Makes You Stronger!"" Each chip measures 2.25"" round.
  • ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE: These chips tell students you care. They give them a boost just when it’s needed.
  • HAVE CHILDREN SAVE THEM AND REDEEM: You can have children collect them and then turn them back in for extra computer time, a treat, or a prize.


Brand Name
Really Good Stuff®
Age / Grade
Ages 5+ / Grades K+
Assembly Required
Really Good Stuff

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