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Unifix® 1-10 Numbering Stair

Item # STAIR
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Product Overview

Show values visually!
  • Introduce and reinforce numbering, ordering, and sequencing skills
  • Unifix® cubes placed in the grooves demonstrate each number as a collection of ones
  • The 8 1/2" x 8 7/8" "stair" is made of durable plastic
  • Cubes are sold separately
PreK-K Core Standards
  • MAT (P) With support, begin to understand the number '10' contains 1 set of ten and 0 ones.
  • K.CC.B.4. Understand the relationship between numbers and quantities; connect counting to cardinality.
  • K.CC.B.4b. Understand that the last number name said tells the number of objects counted. The number of objects is the same regardless of their arrangement or the order in which they were counted.

K-3 Core Standards
  • K.CC.A.1 Count to 100 by ones and by tens.
  • 1.NBT.B.2a 10 can be thought of as a bundle of ten ones - called a "ten."
  • 2.NBT.A.1a 100 can be thought of as a bundle of ten tens - called a "hundred."