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Excellerations® Rock Specimens - Set of 15

From $40.92

Product Overview

This exclusive set contains 15 natural rocks and minerals to enhance your science curriculum.
  • SET INCLUDES: 15 natural rocks: amethyst, quartz, rainbow fluorite, sodalite, moss agate, green adventurine, agate, celestine, desert rose, mahagon obsidian, gobi fossil wood, pink chalcedony, chrysanthemum volcanic, copal and chrysanthemum jade.
  • SIZE: Sizes vary; each measures approximately 1 inch.
  • QUALITY: Some stones are polished while others have natural texture.Includes storage box and illustrated guide to help identify specimens.
  • DESIGN: Box is designed for children to explore different types of natural rocks and minerals to enhance science curriculum. Children can explore with magnifiers and describe what they see. Great way to start building a collection.
  • EDUCATIONAL VALUE: Exclusive science product sets target a variety of interests. Supports STEM and Early STEM studies.
PreK-K Core Standards
  • SOC (P) Understand science is studying the natural world; technology is tools that do tasks.
  • SOC (K) Understands that science involves the study of the natural world, and technology refers to the tools we use to accomplish tasks.
  • SCI (P) Collect, describe and record information using a variety of tools.

K-3 Core Standards
  • 2-PS1-1. Plan and conduct an investigation to describe and classify different kinds of materials by their observable properties.
  • 2-PS1-4. Construct an argument with evidence that some changes caused by heating or cooling can be reversed and some cannot.