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Seeds and Wonder Soil Classroom Gardening Kit

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Explore the literal and metaphorical potential of seeds through the growth of Wonder Soil plants and the story of Seeds.

  • Just pop the Wonder Soil wafers into the pots, add water and stir. The neat little wafers expand to become exactly the right amount of soil for planting seeds. In addition to being less messy than potting soil, Wonder Soil promotes quick growth of plants. And the all-natural pot makes re-potting the plant simple!
  • Some seeds are whisked away by the wind, while others are carried by creatures to their destinations. Once seeds find their spot, they go through breathtaking transformations, multiplying in number and size and thriving in even the most unseemly places. We humans plant seeds, too, and with care we can cultivate and nurture something wonderful, whether by sowing a seed in the earth or by choosing our own seeds of kindness to spread around. With gorgeous, welcoming illustrations, the creator of Trees and Birds presents another ode to the beauty around and within us.
  • 30 coir pots and Wonder Soil wafers with Marigold seeds * Seeds may vary * Seeds book


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Really Good Stuff®
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