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Sensory Tray

From $248.89

Product Overview

Explore a whole new range of sensory fun with this extraordinary tray, designed to produce simultaneous tactile, auditory and visual effects!
  • Place water, sand or other sensory materials inside the tray
  • Turn the tray device on and watch the materials shake, sift and slither around
  • The tray is water-safe and easy to clean
  • Rechargeable batteries, A/C adapter and activity guide included
  • Can be placed on top of the Educational Light Cube (#LCCUBE) to add visual interest
  • Dimensions: 23-1/3"L x 23"W x 9-3/5"H
  • Go to http://www.roylco.com/product/R59630/resources/5/Sensory_Tray# for video