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Steve Spangler Science Bouncing Bubble

Steve Spangler Science
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Product Overview

Ages 8+ / Grades 3+
Water, dish soap and glycerin... but what else do you need to make a bubble bounce? No pop bubbles are just a glove away. With the Bouncing Bubble, that little puff of air trapped in a thin soap film will bounce. What?!?! It's true! These bubbles are formulated to be stronger than normal, but would still burst if they touched your skin or the ground. The secret is in the Bubble Gloves that keep the floating soap sphere from bursting when it touches your hand. A bouncing bubble is amazing because most people have never seen a bubble bounce, much less be the person who actually does the bouncing!

Experience shows that bubbles usually burst when they come in contact with just about anything. Why? A bubble's worst enemies are oil, dirt, and gravity. A "super" bubble will bounce off of a surface if the surface is free of oil or dirt particles that would normally cause a break in the thin soap film of the bubble. The problem with gravity and evaporation is that the water film gets very thin (down to a millionth of an inch) on the top surface as time passes. It finally gets too thin to hold onto itself and the wall collapses completely.


Brand Name
Steve Spangler Science
Age / Grade
Ages 8+ / Grades 3+
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Steve Spangler Science