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Who Was and ...? Student Comprehension Dry Erase Graphic Organizer Activity - Set Of 9 Books and 6 Two-Sided Dry Erase Graphic Organizer Boards - Paperback - Grades 3-7

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Fascinating Biographies And Dry Erase Graphic Organizers Help Students Boost Their Comprehension Skills
As students read these high-interest biographies of fascinating people from the past, they can take their comprehension skills to new levels by filling in the dry erase graphic organizers with evidence from the text.*9 Captivating Biographies In The Popular Who Was? Series: These inspiring biographies feature fascinating facts, interesting anecdotes, and compelling black-and-white illustrations. Sidebars on related topics, a time line, and a bibliography enhance readers' understanding of each person.*Move Students Into More Complex Text: This set of books is ideal for your readers who are beyond easy-to-read, but not quite ready for long, detailed nonfiction. By using these biographies with the dry erase graphic organizer boards, students develop the ability to analyze increasingly complex texts.*Dry Erase Graphic Organizers: This kit comes with two each of three double-sided dry erase boards. Each board has a different comprehension graphic organizer on each side, so you get two each of six organizers. The set provides hands-on practice with theme, central message, summary, compare/contrast, author's reasons and evidence, and inference. The boards fit our Desktop Pocket Chart Stand (151116), sold separately.*Save When You Buy The Books And Boards Together: Buy these fascinating biographies together with the dry erase graphic organizers and save money!Give your students fascinating biographies to read and dry erase graphic organizers to help them record text evidence and build their comprehension skills.
10 softcover Who Was? Books * Size: 5¼" by 7" * 112 pages each * Titles: * Harriet Tubman * Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart * Thomas Jefferson * Harry Houdini * Helen Keller * Annie Oakley * Amelia Earhart * Albert Einstein * Ben Franklin * 6 double-sided Comprehension Graphic Organizer Dry Erase Boards (2 each of 3 boards/6 different graphic organizers) * Size: 17" by 12" each


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