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Light Up Tactile Glow Spheres - Set of 6

Item # SGLOW74
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Ages 12 mos + / Infant
A set of light-up, textured balls with intricate designs, that can be used for mark-making, fine motor skills, and calming activities. The spheres are rechargeable and are in 3 different designs. They are a great resource for improving hand-eye coordination as children manipulate the spheres around. Simply tap the spheres to transform them into illuminated globes of light, that will stay lit for 60 seconds. Charging time 3-4 hours for 4-5 hours use. Rechargeable via USB cable, charging cords included for each sphere. USB to AC adapter not included.

Each has a raised pattern and are lovely to hold and maneuver on different surfaces. Use them in the sensory area. For some children, manipulating the spheres will be very soothing. A great way of incorporating ICT into numerous areas of learning, in an appropriate developmental way. The spheres will encourage learning about cause and effect, and stimulus-response. Babies & toddlers can use them in their play, rolling them back and forth, or around and around. Try them in dough to make intricate patterns. Each sphere has a rubberized silicone coating for added textural interest.

  • CROSS CURRICULAR: A truly cross curricular resource that can be used in construction, loose parts play, math activities, sensory areas and imaginative play.
  • VERSATILE: A truly versatile and engaging set. Learn about cause and effect and stimulus response as you tap the spheres and see them light up (stay lit for 3 minutes).
  • SCHEMA PLAY: Super for schema learning, children will delight in using this glowing collection in their schema play as they roll them and post them.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Technology has been incorporated to enrich and enhance the play of these simple shapes that offer so many possibilities and elevates learning.
  • INCLUDES: Pack of 6 spheres, 2 of each design. 3-4 hour charging time for 6-8 hours of use. Rechargeable via USB cable and USB cable provided for charging purposes. USB to AC adapter not included.
  • SIZE: Ball diameter 84mm.


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Ages 12 mos + / Infant
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