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Interactive Phonics Factory

From $308.33

Product Overview

This huge assortment of miniature objects provides endless fun ways to teach phonics lessons! Explore beginning letters, medial vowels, ending consonants, blends, digraphs, diphthongs, rhymes, and more.
  • INCLUDES: 150 objects, 24-drawer cabinet, The Phonics Factory guidebook, drawer labels, 4 two-sided sorting mats, 207 molded alphabet letters with organizer, Matching word cards for all objects and 30 word bulding cards.
  • FUN ACTIVITY BOOK: Activity book features tips, activity ideas and word lists to find the perfect objects for each phonics concept.
  • HELP FROM GUIDEBOOK: The Phonics Factory guidebook provides management tips, activity ideas and word lists to help you find the perfect objects to illustrate any phonics concept.
  • OBJECTS SOLD SEPERATELY: There are objects whiah represent all the phonemes you teach primary students, organized alphabetically into drawers for instant access.